Sassed [verb]

Definition of Sassed:

talk back

Synonyms of Sassed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sassed:


Sentence/Example of Sassed:

And about that man on the truck that sassed us the other day?

But Swatty got up himself and sassed the policeman that came to get him.

He axed me for a drink of water and when I done give it to him he sassed me.

I was scared clean out of my senses when she sassed that captain.

If dey sassed him he would put spit in their eyes and say 'now I recon you will mind how you sass me.'

I tell ye, ye hadn't ought to have sassed that mesmerist feller.

Still, I thinks to myself, no girl can sass me and not get sassed back, neither.

Charlie is visiting his uncle J. Albert Clark, the feller that we sassed.

This was surrounded by half the audience, anxious, I afterward learned, for a closer view of the man who had "sassed" the Manager.

She bossed Bill and Bill "sassed" her, but they were on the whole very fond of each other.