Sasses [noun]

Definition of Sasses:

back talk

Synonyms of Sasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sasses:

Sentence/Example of Sasses:

I haven't anything to do with you, but I sha'n't let you sass me.

He's handy to lay the blame on for things, and he doesn't dare to 'sass' back.

“I knew it would be so,” observed old Sass, addressing Loraine.

Pa will shoot him again when they meet, if he gives Pa any sass.

You ought never to "sass" old people unless they "sass" you first.

Dish, and serve up with lots of sass, as the cookery books say.

I reckon I'll take some of the sass out'r you before I'm through with you.

The next morning Lieutenant Sass was buried with military honours.

He come out here, and tried to sass me, but I ordered him off.

"Don't let him sass you, mister," put in one of the urchins.