Satanic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Satanic:

The Satanic energy of this outburst proclaims its author, Marlowe.

The earliest mention we have of Satanic influence is at the fall.

Let us realize with holy satisfaction the destruction of Satanic power.

His Satanic Majesty was defeated, and, dropping his front door, fled.

In a cross-road, at some distance from the Satanic hill, the animal which I rode cast a shoe.

The furnace of "Satanic cruelty" had been broken down at Dahomey.

Hence all this "skimble scamble stuff" about "Satanic," and so forth.

The minister says he is only too thankful that the Satanic beast did throw him off.

It marked his face with an expression which was utterly Satanic.

The expression upon his face as he said this was truly Satanic.