Sate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sate:

Than an other, that sate at souper with them, asked this Charles, how longe he had dwelled there.

There he sate, swaying his long stick, now talking to this horse, and now to that cow.

The day was declining, and Ernst and Elise sate in one of the parlour windows.

I sate by him about twenty minutes, and was then ordered away.

We saw him approach, he entered, drew a chair, and sate down.

Many of the members had sate in that very chamber with Russell.

When he rose with the rest to leave, he left the cloak where he had sate on it.

Waife uttered a cry like a shriek, and then sate voiceless and aghast.

So he put the letter into her hands, and sate down, watching her countenance.

Githa, Earl Godwin's wife, sate in her chamber, and her heart was sad.