Satiety [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Satiety:

What a feast it will be when you are able to gratify ambition to satiety!

He recalled all the past to mind, but could not recollect a single hour of satiety.

But the soul's attachment, owing to its purity, knows no satiety.

What failures follow them, what weariness, what satiety and heart-sickness!

Of the great game of life, as played by fine people, he had seen it to satiety.

When the charm of novelty and uncertainty is removed, there is danger of satiety.

His satiety had fled the moment that his affairs were embarrassed.

We have fed them to satiety from the flesh of ourselves and our enemies!

The first in every sport, the last to yield to fatigue or satiety.

The widow replied that everybody present ate fish to satiety at home.