Satin [adjective]

Definition of Satin:

smooth, glossy

Synonyms of Satin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satin:

Sentence/Example of Satin:

There were other and still other banners, in velvet or in satin, balanced at the end of gilded batons.

One's knee struck a sword, or one's foot touched a satin train, at every step.

But “time and patience,” says the Eastern proverb, “change the mulberry leaf to satin.”

He was a chestnut horse, with a coat that shone like satin, and not a white hair about him.

The front of the skirt and of the sleeves are elaborately trimmed with puffings of satin.

Moreover, Satin inspired her with an awful fear of the police.

But now Satin was rolling on the bearskins in the bedroom and calling her.

Sericeum means silky or satiny; so called from its satin lustre.

The lady in satin looked round at Koenig, and he began to play the organ.

Her own satin costume and plumed bonnet seemed a trifle theatrical.