Satiny [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Satiny:

Sericeum means silky or satiny; so called from its satin lustre.

Her mouth moved against his, satiny with desire, until they parted.

The whiter and more delicate varieties of asbestos, particularly those which possess a satiny lustre.

She put her arms round the satiny neck, and they mutely comforted each other.

Such a nice letter—white and satiny as the leaves of a water-lily!

Trusia fondly drew the satiny muzzle of her own steed down to her cheek.

Adrien passed his hand over the satiny coat of the race-horse.

The flowers are a satiny white, delicately nerved, and nearly 3in.

And see, too, that his hands are undistinguishable from feet: they are just as long and satiny.

His gaze ran over the few pathetic words daintily penciled on the perfumed, satiny sheet.