Satiric [adjective]

Definition of Satiric:


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Sentence/Example of Satiric:

"Yes, you will," Adams returned, not noticing that his son's inflection was satiric.

This statement is not to be accepted as a satiric fable, but as a literal fact.

The ethos of the satiric persona was something they could not understand.

One of his "Hundred Voices" has something of this satiric note.

Her own father had a rich fund of humour, but it was satiric.

The richness of his satiric perception was too great to permit of speech.

They resemble Juvenal, or the satiric touches in Timon of Athens.

This work, as might be anticipated, was a satiric attack on the clergy of that day.

The "Dunciad" is a monument of satiric wit, or genius belittled.

His temperament was dramatic, passionate, satiric and witty.