Satirical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Satirical:

Many complained that he was reserved, silent, satirical, and haughty.

The satirical farce was a popular dramatic form of the time.

He is bitter and satirical, and seems to be sadly conscious of the realities of human life.

But Harriet was sure that she was satirical because she was so calm.

He bowed his head and gracefully thanked the satirical Vose.

Has any disaster befallen you that you are become so satirical and severe?'

Campaspe, on the other hand, is entirely devoid of any ethical or satirical motive.

The doctor was never weary of launching his satirical shafts at the king.

"And satirical in all, I'll vouch for you, lieutenant;" said Optimus.

I looked at myself this morning in the glass—no satirical looks, my love!