Satirizes [verb]

Definition of Satirizes:


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Sentence/Example of Satirizes:

And who shall complain when the first person that I satirize is myself?

It is but idle to satirize our manners and customs; we think them good.

Scaramucca or Fracassa was added to satirize the Spanish soldier.

He satirizes human life, but he does not satirize it to degrade it.

Be especially careful, in a mixed company, whom you satirize.

Nor can we claim much for their pictures which aim to satirize the vices.

There is unquestionably a parochial sort of nationality which it is easy to satirize.

It is an easy matter to satirize the heroic and theatrical gesture.

He was not the first in France to satirize the romances of chivalry.

They denounced, instructed, preached, did every thing but satirize.