Satisfyingly [adverb]

Definition of Satisfyingly:

very well

Synonyms of Satisfyingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satisfyingly:


Sentence/Example of Satisfyingly:

With this wisdom for a guide, she counselled wisely and satisfyingly.

It's not anything so satisfyingly material that I wanted to talk about.

In minutes a wail of sirens and roar of arriving motors was satisfyingly loud in the main exhibit room.

The fastidious stamina of their spirituality which never interferes with their worldliness is so satisfyingly human.

There was a satisfyingly loud crack, audible, even in the roar of the burning forest.

He was about to make a satisfyingly crushing reproof to this piece of impertinence when Mr. Price began to sniff the air.

And the public sighed and gasped and shook its head, and was comfortably shocked and satisfyingly scandalized.

He looked in vain for one of the beauteous mountain maids so satisfyingly frequent in the pages of current fiction.

Strangely and satisfyingly to his quickened perceptions, it seemed to express the quality of the wearer.

Perhaps one of the reasons was because he always contrived to look the part so satisfyingly.