Satrap [noun]

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When he had heard her words, Pharnabazus decided that the woman ought to be satrap.

Hence the Persians argued that they had been betrayed by the satrap.

He has made the satrap, as you see, a fugitive and a vagabond in his own vast territory.

What could be clearer, therefore, than that he was about to make a dash at the satrap's home in Caria?

Where a satrap is appointed he has charge of both departments.

A "satrap" was originally a governor of a province in ancient Persia.

The satrap began to open a negotiation with Klearchus and the other generals.

I will tell you what the Satrap of Caria said to me about that when I supped with him.

In a few days I'll send him back to Asia and make him satrap of Bactria.

These were the satrap, the military commandant, and the secretary.