Saturates [verb]

Definition of Saturates:

drench, wet through

Synonyms of Saturates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saturates:

Sentence/Example of Saturates:

Saturate: deeply or strongly marked; in a color, means intense.

Saturate the residue, when cold, with carbon dioxide and redistil.

Saturate the cake with orange juice to which has been added a little lemon.

In such a case it is above all things necessary to saturate the organism with Apis.

Saturate the spot two or three times, and then wash out in soapsuds.

I must saturate myself with repose and with the underlying—with Karma.

Saturate the crumbs of a loaf of bread with a quart of rich milk.

Mix, saturate a piece of wool in the mixture, and insert in the ear.

I make you miserable when I should like to saturate you with happiness.

But first of all he had to saturate himself with the sunshine.