Saturnalia [noun]

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At the return of the sun the feast of the Saturnalia was celebrated at Rome.

They were like the Roman slaves who, during the Saturnalia, played at being free.

The sacea were a festival at Babylon similar to the saturnalia.

The saturnalia that succeeded the capture of the castaway had come to a close.

And I remember that she seemed to describe afterwards a sort of saturnalia.

The holydays are made a jubilee, or rather resemble the Saturnalia.

But for the present they were absolute, and the saturnalia of blood went on.

The week of the rule of Saturn, the Saturnalia, was a time of revelry and riot.

As at the Saturnalia, masters drank and gambled with slaves.

I have also drawn attention to the Saturnalia as connecting Bacchus with Saturn.