Sauced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sauced:

Sadie, having "sauced" her landlady, found it wise to change her quarters.

You get no common beef at clubs; there is a manzy of different things all sauced up to be unlike themsels.

It was sauced with a savage appetite purchased by hard riding the day before, and refreshing sleep in a pure atmosphere.

In taking the money the clerk had sauced him and he had retaliated to the best of his ability.

Know that capons or chickens be arrayed after one sauce; the chickens shall be sauced with green sauce or veriuyce.

He is told to be cautious, and we catch him writing a letter to you, and we foil the attempt, and get sauced at for our pains.

Let gentle admonicion be oure rodde, and sometyme chydyng also, but sauced wyth mekenes, not bitternes.