Sauciness [noun]

Definition of Sauciness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sauciness:

Sentence/Example of Sauciness:

All sauciness and slang, like the soliloquy of a Cheap Jack.

And there was a lightness, a sauciness, in her manner that had not showed on her previous visit.

Not the sauciness of it, but the undercurrent of kindliness.

Pet′ulance, Pet′ulancy, sauciness: peevishness or impatience.

But, except for this sauciness, Cassel is a demure and pleasant place.

No sauciness, you knave—I desire to know if you still serve Nigel Olifaunt?

Sauciness and impudence are characteristic of these boat-men, who wished I would commence a bridge over the river.

All her wilfulness and sauciness flashed in her eyes as she lifted her glance at last to his and answered.

There is something about him which rather interests me, a sort of sauciness and familiarity which I shall teach him to correct.

Come, then, and shake hands; we'll fine him for's sauciness, and his ransom shall be half a dozen at mine host Welcome's.