Sauntering [verb]

Definition of Sauntering:

stroll along

Synonyms of Sauntering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sauntering:






Sentence/Example of Sauntering:

They had left the table by now, and were sauntering together on the terrace.

Sauntering dreamily, she moved away from the ancient derelict.

A young Mexican, tired of his work, was sauntering one day on the seashore.

But already there is a feeling of sauntering in like an old hand at the game.

She was sure Hester must be dreadfully tired with sauntering about so long.

They were engaged in gossiping, sauntering about, or comparing their guns and other weapons.

"It's all right, now," said Craig, sauntering out before the bar.

Theo Desmond sauntering in, scanned every detail with fastidious distaste.

"It's all right now," said Craig, sauntering out before the bar.

Paolo leaves them to themselves, sauntering off with a devil-me-carish air.