Saunters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Saunters:

Unwashed and unshaven, he saunters moodily about, weary and dejected.

My children's children must be with me elsewhere on my saunters; here I must walk alone.

Maria saunters, thoughtful, and anxious for the result, at the outer door.

Gladys appears with Vincent Bland, who saunters in after her.

For a while longer he saunters slowly about, in the hope of yet encountering the officers.

All these one looks at with a pleasant interest as one saunters or floats by.

Dolores saunters through the hall, and into the pretty, cool, sitting-room.

Sir Lionel leaves them after a time and saunters back to the hotel.

"Even secretaries of state," says Mr. Wootton, who has the entre of the boudoir, and saunters in at that moment.

No; he saunters up and down his room, because, probably, he has enjoyed too many of the good things of this world at his dinner.