Savagely [adverb]

Definition of Savagely:


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Sentence/Example of Savagely:

He leaped to his feet and seized her savagely by the shoulders.

"I am not looking after pretty women this voyage," said Morris, savagely.

The unknown, lurking in the midst of the sticks and moss, was savagely clutching him by the nose.

"Some folks 'll say anything but their prayers," snapped Eri savagely.

Ere any could stop me I had seized him by throat and belt and shaken him savagely.

He stood before her and attempted to take her hand; she repulsed him savagely.

Savagely he forced his failing strength to carry them up the slope.

She found Lydia by the dining-room window, savagely drying her cheeks.

"He doesn't love Esther," said Lydia, and then savagely bit her lip.

He was without weapon or use of hand, yet he bit him savagely on the cheek.