Savages [noun]

Definition of Savages:

giant animal; supernatural being

Synonyms of Savages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Savages:

Sentence/Example of Savages:

From savages one cannot expect too much, not even from oneself.

The very drunk have the intuition sometimes of savages or brute beasts.

The savages instantly appeared, and applied their tomahawks to the door.

"These savages have their own way of making war," I answered, calmly.

The children's children of these savages were still in the Valley.

He spoke to them as if they were slaves—he considered them as savages.

As the savages rendered the cultivation dangerous, it was given up.

In this respect, these savages are more just and wiser than us.

It must not be forgotten that among most savages the wife is regarded as the property of her husband.

The objects with which savages adorn themselves are generally trophies.