Savant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Savant:

This persistency had struck the savant, and he asked a mutual friend to introduce him.

A comparison reveals that the one author is not a cook while the other is not a savant.

No savant now denies the transmittable taint of insanity and consumption.

Here the savant seeing a hobby-horse near, caught him and jumped on.

"I will trouble you with a few commissions," said the savant.

To this condition the Belgian savant gave the name of gymnaxony.

Outwardly the Professor did not appear like the savant he was reported to be.

Menage was younger, and aspired to be a man of the world as well as a savant.

"I am willing to forgive you if it was an accident," replied the savant, more graciously.

The savant enforces it violently because he may change it the next day.