Savin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Savin:

Speed, done 'im in, savin' 'is country's 'time an' 'is country's oats; that done 'im in.

And I can think of as many ways to do that as the Cap'n can of savin' a quarter.

She wan't heavin' any teakittles at folks then; my savin' soul, no!

My savin' soul, Miss Martha, folks ought to be careful what they say, hadn't they?

He was a savin', sthrivin' man, an' he married a woman wid money.

There's Grimmer, the cashier and chief clerk o' the savin's-bank.

Well, well—but, savin' your presence, you don't look it or talk it.

Yore idea is to let Dave die easy while we're savin' our hides.

Salvers and cake baskets were presented to Messrs. Davies and Savin.

This, at any rate, was the project on which Mr. Savin set his heart.