Savings [noun]

Definition of Savings:

provision for future

Synonyms of Savings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Savings:



Sentence/Example of Savings:

Will you take care of some money for me until I get a chance to deposit it in the savings bank?

Then what have you been doing with your savings all these years?

Do you think, if I were alive, I would let any man rob me of the savings of my life?

The captain had assured him that neither his wife nor son knew aught of his savings.

I have left a separate fund in a savings bank for her to draw upon.

You are determined to invest these savings of yours in the common stock, are you?'

But what are such figures in comparison with the gigantic amounts of our savings and capital?

No; you must keep it all, mother, and put it in the Savings' Bank.

He must have hooked his missus's stocking with all the savings gained at very hard work.

I bet you're giving all your savings to that little hypocrite, Silvere.