Saviors [noun]

Definition of Saviors:

person who redeems, aids in time of difficulty

Synonyms of Saviors:

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Sentence/Example of Saviors:

This, sir, is your exposition of the Savior's rule of right.

The war god Guan Di also is appealed to as a savior in all sorts of emergencies.

The most beautiful fictions ever written were the parables of the Savior.

Like his other hymns most of his hymns to the Savior are objective rather than subjective.

He ascribes fanaticism also to the savior of Paris that was to be—Trochu.

At the time of the Savior's birth, Israel was ruled by alien monarchs.

So passed the boyhood, youth, and early manhood of the Savior of mankind.

Its fate had been definitely foretold by the Savior Himself.

If Kate seeks to be good, loving her Savior, she will be happy indeed.

Their savior was pinioned by the steel tip fast to the unyielding granite.