Savoring [verb]

Definition of Savoring:

delight in, enjoy

Synonyms of Savoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Savoring:

Sentence/Example of Savoring:

He seemed to be savoring it, as if he thought it was going to be his very last.

Gerda stretched and drew a deep breath, savoring the summer morning air.

I knew that I ought to be savoring this experience, but for some reason I couldn't.

For one second he was tempted, savoring the thought of what it would be like.

This the boy also resented as savoring of mockery, and he kicked again.

I hold life and death over four people and I'm savoring the thrill of it.

Every measure in the least savoring of logic or common sense must be vetoed.

She did not like this speech, savoring as it did of clumsy gallantry, so she made no rejoinder.

Enchanted, she lay back, savoring her ice, shyly watching him.

"A good cigar—a glass of good wine," he murmured, savoring the perfume of the cigar.