Saw [noun]

Definition of Saw:


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Sentence/Example of Saw:

I saw 'em fur years, with a big cuttin' out to show the cross-section.

As I approached nearer I saw at every step new tokens of my friends.

Eudora started, when she saw the well-known writing of Philæmon.

And I looked and saw the chariot and horses, of which the voice had spoken.

Afterward, I looked downward, and saw my dead body lying on a couch.

Many other things I saw and heard, but was forbidden to relate.

Beyond it, I saw you standing with outstretched arms, as if you sought to come to me, but could not.

He called a cab for the old man, and saw him started safely off up-town.

No answer coming, he peered through the window, but saw no one.

Just then Ben Haley, looking from the window, saw some chickens in the yard.