Sawed [verb]

Definition of Sawed:

sever, chop with sharp instrument; incise

Synonyms of Sawed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sawed:

Sentence/Example of Sawed:

The boards we used in the building had to be sawed by us two slaves with a whipsaw.

Nothing but green timber was sawed thereabout in those days.

As stage driver, old Monte for every other night will get sawed off on Tucson.

She took an old broom handle, and sawed it into thin slices.

The vines were sawed squarely off below the surface of the ground.

On board Rowley's flagship the heavy irons had sawed open my wrists.

In one side of the boat a hole was sawed to make a door and a small counter.

When they had sawed the ice and sounded they found this to be true.

Hearing this I assumed the American attitude and "sawed wood."

He sawed away with all his might on the bit, striving to wheel her around in the road.