Sawhorses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sawhorses:

He's a sawhorse—he's as heavy in th' head as a bag of salt; he'll never do no good to nobody.

In a few moments the three were inside, with a sawhorse against the door.

"A sawhorse is a thing they saw boards on," remarked Jim, with a sniff.

"Oh, I cannot hope ever to be like you," sighed the Sawhorse.

But this sawhorse can trot as fast as you can, Jim; and he's very wise, too.

"I do not doubt it," the Sawhorse observed, with a tone of pride.

"You ought to break yourself of the habit," said the Sawhorse.

Unharness the Sawhorse, somebody; my fingers are too clumsy.

"It won't do for me, either," grumbled the Sawhorse, prancing to the rear.

"And the Sawhorse couldn't hurt the Magician," declared that wooden animal.