Sawtooth [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sawtooth:

He had not objected to the Sawtooth cattle which still watered at Skyline Meadow.

Twice in the next week Lone found an excuse for riding over to the Sawtooth.

And you can't say, 'Here, I know the Sawtooth had a hand in that.'

So many heedless ones crossed the Sawtooth's path to riches!

By that time the Sawtooth had grown to a power no poor man could hope to defeat.

But you will long ago have guessed that he was the evil eye of the Sawtooth Company.

He was absorbed now in his work and thought no more about the Sawtooth.

"Say, I never set out to marry the Sawtooth," he stated calmly.

But that was all,—since Al was at that moment trailing Lorraine toward the Sawtooth.

Yuh may pin this on to Al, but that won't let the Sawtooth in.