Sayings [noun]

Definition of Sayings:

maxim, proverb

Synonyms of Sayings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sayings:


Sentence/Example of Sayings:

Mary, in the mean time, "kept all these sayings in her heart."

Some of his sayings were shrewd and sharp; but he was sometimes aggressive.

One of her pleasures consisted in calling to mind the sayings of the old man.

Years later the most striking of these sayings were collected and published.

Therefore listen and excuse my doings then and my sayings now.

And do you think, he said, that the two sayings are consistent?

You have them all before you,—their lives, their sayings, and their doings.

His doings were related daily and his sayings repeated on the streets.

How gaily he rallied Ianthe on her childish ways and sayings!

Some of his sayings became established, daily quotations in the forecastle.