Says [verb]

Definition of Says:

make declaration

Synonyms of Says:

Opposite/Antonyms of Says:

Sentence/Example of Says:

He must hold himself ever in readiness to wiggle-waggle in the perpetual Simon-says-thumbs-up game which his crowd is playing.

Bristles—my friend Bristles of the Universal-says he's a perfect—what do they call that pretty street in Southampton?

My notion is it's a sight more interestener nor the Say-an-says.

Un-un-uncle Mose s-says she's raised s-s-s-six sev—en other folks' ch-ch-ch-childern, anyhow.

There's not a trade agoing,Worth knowing or showing,Like that from glory growing!Says the bold soldier boy.

M-m-my dad s-s-says he once lost his t-t-t-tobacco c-crop in S-s-september!

He has talked to me; he likes you in a way, but you are a foreigner—he says-your life is not my life.

"He juss s-s-says that to torment a feller," stuttered the undertaker.

Bob su-su-says to stop the engine so as he cu-cu-can leave the wheel.

And mall lick me cause I said youd vited me to goan now Aggie s-s-says she didnt.