Scabbards [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scabbards:

So each thrust his sword back into the scabbard and entered the pantry.

He would not have it in the scabbard, and when I laid it naked in his hand he kissed the hilt.

Once used they can never be fitted back into the scabbard again.'

It was with rust almost as dark a brown as the scabbard that infolded it.

Now, if the sword had never been drawn from the scabbard, how was that to be known to the writer?'

The last thing I did was to feel if my revolver were handy and my sword loose in the scabbard.

I'll away with the scabbard, and sheathe my sword in the bosom of tyranny.

Obediently he wheeled to the left, and I caught the swish of his sword as it left the scabbard.

Reid took it, silent and unmoved, shoved it into his scabbard, walked away.

"Then here I do so," rejoined I, drawing my sword from its scabbard.