Scabbed [verb]

Definition of Scabbed:

peel off

Synonyms of Scabbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scabbed:


Sentence/Example of Scabbed:

He was aware, also, of the dirt, which scabbed and crusted everything.

It just dribbled over the side of his mouth that was scabbed with purple crust.

You know as well as I do that the Big Six scabbed on the pressmen.

Working on the roof in the sun, his lips got all scabbed and broken.

Anbury causes a scabbed and broken skin, and tubercular growths on the roots and at the base of the bulb.

The inside has rather the look of meat, for it is reddish and all streaked and scabbed with this pox and with discoloured chalk.

From lodge to lodge they passed, and finally they came upon an old woman, pitted and scabbed, lying alone and dying.

On arrival there the external wounds were scabbed over, and a large tumour existed beneath the entrance wound.

I' faith, I see beards are infectious as well as scabbed lips.

Fumitory helps such as are itchy and scabbed, helps Rickets, madness, and quartain agues.