Scabby [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Scabby:

You could not make head or tail of him; but I know their scabby lingo.

Don't you have anything to do with Scabby Thompson, or you'll be sorry for it.

You have drunk enough of our milk, you scabby Christ-killer!

The skin is scaly or scabby, sometimes appearing like a large seed-wart.

I cant keep run of all the scabby customers he brings in here.

It was that scabby greenhorn who must have taken it into her head.

It resembled a monster ape, except that instead of a hairy hide it had a scabby skin as red as a salamander's.

In the afternoon William came from York with six hundred more sheep (mine among them), which were found to be scabby.

The blonde turned her baby over and showed its chubby flesh covered with a crusty, scabby, red-streaked sheath.

The sheep get scabby from a microbe under the skin, which causes them to itch fearfully, and they lose their wool.