Scabrous [adjective]

Definition of Scabrous:


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Sentence/Example of Scabrous:

Despite the subject and the title, there is nothing in the least "scabrous" in it.

Then we incontinently proceed to stone him to death with scabrous adjectives!

The spores are rounded, and rough (scabrous) on the surface.

The whole relation had been ruined by entering this scabrous building.

Carol glanced from the scabrous object to Vida, and realized that she was not joking.

Blades long, dark green, succulent and scabrous: ridges numerous and flat above, but distinct (Fig. 9).

Behind him, standing atop the dented and scabrous garbage cans, Dumont.

A very honest woman, amused at this scabrous conversation, but inexperienced.

Lucretius is scabrous and rough in these; he seeks them: as some do Chaucerisms with us, which were better expunged and banished.

The green vanished like a mist, and scabrous desert cacti crept in on prickly feet.