Scads [noun]

Definition of Scads:

large quantity,

Synonyms of Scads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scads:


Sentence/Example of Scads:

She'll ne'er backward linger, this land of our dads, for she is a dinger at nailing the scads.

You'll find a buckskin purse, with some scads in it, in the bag.

One day they were out and caught six mackerel and six scads.

Now, scads are of small value, and yet Dick got them all, and Hugh all the mackerel.

Oh, heaps of them—scores—dead oodles and scads of 'em, as we girls say.

Thet gurl's not only white—she's got money, scads ov it, and is a good looker.

Of course we always got scads of these too, but this was a very normal thing.

Promoters grovel at his feet, and offer heaps of scads, if he will condescend to meet some other bruising lads.

He jist shoved them scads what hed been given him careless-like down inter his coat pocket, an' faced Mister Manager.