Scaffold [noun]

Definition of Scaffold:


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Sentence/Example of Scaffold:

He was therefore condemned, and perished on the scaffold for the crime.

He was adjudged to the scaffold—he smiled when he heard the sentence.

At the worst, we are as like to wind up upon a scaffold as not.'

He was one of the Franciscans who had accompanied Gomez Arias to the scaffold.

She was the only woman who wept upon the scaffold and implored for mercy.

Then he got into the cab with the same mien as he would have ascended the scaffold.

He followed her, he went where she went, as a man goes to the scaffold.

Indeed, I am quite ready to follow you to the scaffold, I'm not a coward like you.

One slays the other, and perishes himself upon the scaffold.

Among those who were near to the scaffold on the ground in front of it was one we know.