Scaffolding [noun]

Definition of Scaffolding:


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Sentence/Example of Scaffolding:

But it is only being built, and there is nothing but scaffolding there yet.

The intellect itself is but the scaffolding for the uprearing of the spiritual nature.

High on his scaffolding raised, Pordenone wrought at his frescos.

He had a scaffolding erected for this purpose in the cathedral.

I am told that the scaffolding is already up in St. James' Square.

I went up at once to the scaffolding, and have been there ever since.

We may say that imagery is to thinking what scaffolding is to architecture.

All this scaffolding rested on three great boughs which sprang from the trunk.

The Indians would build a scaffolding of poles, a mere grate-work, which would give free passage to smoke.

The cost of moving and re-erecting the scaffolding was $2.94 per each move.