Scalp [verb]

Definition of Scalp:

take money

Synonyms of Scalp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scalp:


Sentence/Example of Scalp:

The scalp was taken in order that they might have the scalp dance.

Is he a stone that goes to the bottom, or does the scalp burn his head?

Ice was applied to his scalp, and the life of his benefactor was saved.

The hair was sandy; half of it had been burned to the scalp in a withering flame.

It's no news that Engle's bunch is out for your scalp, is it?

Because when Indians take you prisoner they scalp you first, and then burn you at a stake.

There was a prickling at the base of my scalp and I was drenched with cold sweat.

Your head is still swollen, and there are marks of bruises and cuts all over the scalp.

With the sewing completed, turn to nailing the scalp to the back-board.

His scalp stung uncomfortably—but aside from that he knew that he was not hurt.