Scalpel [noun]

Definition of Scalpel:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Scalpel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scalpel:


Sentence/Example of Scalpel:

Lift edges of the skin and peel from flesh with a sharp knife or scalpel.

"Wait," said Sanchez, lifting the scalpel and tilting his head.

Even if we had Sainte-Beuve's scalpel, we could not surprise the secret.

Fred, my son, bend over him with those bandages and that scalpel.

Behold, Vitangela, how the scalpel hews that form so loved by thee!

He held the scalpel under my nose in a fist trembling with fury.

Let him who has not used the scalpel rise and stand in his place.

I could use a scalpel or any other surgical instrument you might have.

Ulv watched intently as she took the scalpel out of its holder.

Lea took her scalpel and gently prodded the dark moist mass.