Scammer [noun]

Definition of Scammer:

unscrupulous lawyer; swindler

Synonyms of Scammer:

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Sentence/Example of Scammer:

“Most people want their financial assets to stay with them and their families and not be lost to scammers and overdraft fees and things like that,” she said.

A scammer might send you a check, for any amount, with little or no explanation.

Identity thieves and scammers are extremely skilled at setting up fake websites luring people to them with deep discount deals.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob said she voted to appeal for fear that financial scammers prey on death certificates.

SterlingSky’s Joy Hawkins has reported on the trend and some of the methods used by spammers and scammers.

The scammers argued that such nontraditional payments to the government would prevent the supposed wrongdoing of targets from being exposed publicly, Mengedoht said.

The scammers worked hard to keep their targets from hanging up and said they needed to act quickly to avoid being further implicated and outed in “the media,” Mengedoht said.

The carrier is also giving customers a second phone number for each account to give to marketers instead of their personal number to reduce the availability of their primary number to scammers.