Scamming [verb]

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Beneath the glam and the scam, skiing is still a soulful, rootsy pursuit.

Falkowitz says lax email security is what makes such phishing-based scams possible.

Hoping to raise awareness of the scams, the department recently released a recorded voice mail left by one of the scammers.

There is a lot of romance fraud and scams on dating websites so you need to be cautious who you talk to and what you do for them.

This particular scam often tries to create a sense of urgency by threatening to close your account, saying your account has been hacked or telling you there are unauthorized charges on your account.

I’m thinking it’s because they sell, and if they sell it’s because they work, ergo, the warnings are just another scam, like when they wouldn’t admit that steroids were good for building muscle.

I think there’s been a lot more scams against men and women — I mean, he’s had a lifetime of scamming.

The Justice Department, as part of its response to the scam, says it seized a series of bank accounts as well as a Land Rover SUV and a “2019 Jupiter Marine boat named Warfighter.”