Scampered [verb]

Definition of Scampered:

run, dash

Synonyms of Scampered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scampered:








Sentence/Example of Scampered:

Diana sent a final shot from the door, and then scampered away.

So they scampered all about, and there was not a mouse which did not look under every stalk of straw.

And touching his cap, he scampered off into the wood, and disappeared.

Then they found a stairway that led to the upper floors and scampered up it.

And when she saw that I was awake she scampered off with some other children.

When for an instant he was quiet, she ran forward, but at once scampered back.

With a squeal of delight, the four scampered from the room and up the stairs.

Over the fence, across lots to the rear of the house he scampered.

"O yes," they all exclaimed, "what beauties," and off they scampered.

"They scampered off too quick for honest folks," said McNabbs.