Scampering [verb]

Definition of Scampering:

run, dash

Synonyms of Scampering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scampering:








Sentence/Example of Scampering:

Men were washing their bullocks, and children were scampering in and out of the water.

To him, we were like scampering insects; he could not tell which way we were about to dart.

If we had been, those creatures would be scampering off already.

The scene of scampering and hubbub that ensued baffles all description.

No scampering across the railroad embankment this time for the members.

It was full of bobbing curtsies and racing and scampering about the room.

The rebels had quitted the besieged window and were scampering towards the gate.

He had not felt it at the time—not he; a thick-headed, scampering youngster.

As I turned my head I saw them scampering along towards the north-west.

All started; all jumped up; and there was a scampering for hats and cloaks.