Scandal [noun]

Definition of Scandal:

public embarrassment

Opposite/Antonyms of Scandal:

Sentence/Example of Scandal:

He was not by any means an ideal monk, but he was equally far from being a scandal.

We can't afford any scandal, so we're going to settle at your own terms.

"It is not that there will be scandal," replied Father Antoine.

No: there should be no scandal at Long Barton,—at least not while she had to stay in it.

We do not pretend to conceal from you the fact that we are anxious to avoid all publicity, all scandal.

If we are to speak of scandal, I must have leave to balance my account with you.

Make neither commotion nor scandal, and await your opportunity.

If it had been possible, she would have concealed it like a scandal.

But it is necessary for me, for my honor, to prevent the scandal of her inconstancy.

All at once I saw that I myself must bear the brunt of this scandal.