Scandalously [adverb]

Definition of Scandalously:


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Sentence/Example of Scandalously:

Notoriously, he observed, the mileage of members was scandalously small.

My shoulders feel bound, too, and as to the sarong it is scandalously short.

But who can have any interest in calumniating my master so scandalously?

Mrs. Kearney said that the Committee had treated her scandalously.

And how scandalously I had to treat her when I stayed there before.

You used me scandalously by not mentioning Edward Cooper's sermons.

Some estates were over-rated, others were scandalously under-rated.

The category, to which we come now, the brutes, is the most scandalously celebrated.

Sometimes it's a tone that is most adoring, and again he berates her scandalously.

They often did so on a scandalously inadequate subscription.