Scanned [verb]

Definition of Scanned:

look over, scrutinize lightly

Opposite/Antonyms of Scanned:

Sentence/Example of Scanned:

The driver faced the bill toward the nearest street-light and scanned it.

Now he scanned the trees on the edge of the clearing with painful anxiety.

He went out to the curbstone and scanned the road for a passing carriage.

I returned on deck, where, leaning on the bulwark, I scanned the distance.

In stolen moments I scanned him with the jealousy of my youth.

She bought several of the illustrated papers, and then scanned the new books.

She saw me, scanned me from head to foot, and did not budge.

The men foregathered curiously about him as he scanned the vessel.

The American turned his binoculars obediently and scanned the west and north.

Often she had scanned Lucia's scrawled programs for the names there.