Scanners [noun]

Definition of Scanners:

scanning in of documents

Synonyms of Scanners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scanners:


Sentence/Example of Scanners:

I'll get this scanner set up again, and we'll be ready to load out.

I had my scanner on, so they could see me, but my own screen stayed dark.

But with this scanner on, I think of where I want to look and I can see it.

James stopped talking, pulled out his scanner, stuck his face into it.

James pushed the button, glanced into his scanner, and froze; eyes staring.

He swept the scanner on down the valley to the sandy shore of the sea.

In a moment the big pirate was studying the scanner carefully.

Joe Brooks was hunched in front of the scanner, staring intently.

That's why the ship on your scanner isn't Simms' at all, but another ship!

Suddenly he jumped up and stared unbelievingly at the scanner.