Scanning [verb]

Definition of Scanning:

look over, scrutinize lightly

Opposite/Antonyms of Scanning:

Sentence/Example of Scanning:

Some other men and a woman were scanning the hoisting machinery with superior looks.

It was to-day's advertising section he was scanning, and the hour not yet one.

They flitted to and fro, scanning wide bands of the surface of Dara.

She looked from one to the other of them, scanning each face in turn.

Captain Bergen asked himself the question while he was scanning the island.

"The man writes a mighty nice hand," said Maria, scanning the superscription.

The man was standing stock-still, as if scanning the premises.

“It looks like more rain,” worried Meg, scanning the clouds.

It hung in the air, pulsating, scanning what was taking place below.

I cursed and wheeled the eye in circles, scanning the surrounding country.