Scares [noun]

Definition of Scares:

frightened state

Synonyms of Scares:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scares:

Sentence/Example of Scares:

What's any of them little haythen been coin' to scare ye, missy?

I just know he's a cowardy-cat, because he's always trying to scare ME.

You've played jokes on her, and told her things to scare her—and my grief!

With Mr. Morris at the front end of that log, there's no hope of scare.

Not just because I was frightened, it wasn't so simple as a scare.

I guess I won't go ahead and scare him off; he'll stay and pick around.

It had been conditioned to scare easily, where blueskins might be involved.

Not that I was so homely I'd scare the crows, but he didn't want me to be vain.

If he is, he must stand at the gate and scare off Come-Outers.

Do you really attach importance to this scare of a German invasion?